How to Eat Better While Traveling

Our meal while traveling is definitely a significant part of any wonderful journey.

Eat While Traveling

1. Why not take your kitchen with you? If you bring healthy snacks with you while you travel, you will be less likely to stop by a fast food restaurant. You can have individual portions of fruits like apples or sticks of celery. How about bringing some trail mix.

2. Buy a pack of purified drinking water. And be careful about adding sweeteners. It might add an appetite, too.

3. Many restaurants have nutritional information on all of their optional menu plans. If in doubt, go for a salad or grilled chicken breasts.

4. Always start off with a good breakfast.

The simple key is planning. Eat breakfast, plan for lunch, choose go light for dinner. And don't forget to prepare yourself with healthy snacks. Think about where you are going and what you are going to eat ahead of time. You can eat great food and eat healthy during journey.

There are better details below for those travelers out there who need a better idea of what to choose from.

  • Beverages – Go for low-fat white/chocolate milk or water.
  • Skip the breaded meat – Grilled chicken is always a better choice on the road. Avoidanything coated and deep-fried.
  • Overlook the fries – Reduce one of the worst sources of calories and trans fat by skipping the fries or opting for a small.
  • Watch the salad dressings – Often half the packet is plenty; the dressings may be surprisingly high in calories, fat and sodium.
  • Hold the mayo – avoid toppings and sauces is an easy way to save fat and calories.
  • Seek out the veggies – some fast-food chains offer more veggie choices (e.g. Boston Market, KFC, Subway, Quiznos).
  • Eat like a kid – Choose drinks and meals from the children’s menu for smaller portion size.
  • Be informed – Whenever you travel to a fast food restaurant, check out Nutritional Facts sheets and online menu calculators that many chains now offer.

Helpful Ideas And Tips

*To get down to the perfect dress size, just remember to manage-eating habits during journey. When we say "habits", we want you to get into the habit of healthy eating.*

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