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1.Make it a lifestyle. If you say you're gonna do something, you only do it until you accomplish it, right? Well if you say you're on a diet, you will only diet until you feel comfortable with your body. If you make it a lifestyle, you will be comfortable forever!

2.Weight loss secret. Ok before you spend money or all of your time on books, magazines, or mentors, the secret to weight loss is simple. If you want to lose weight, you have to watch what you eat and make exercising a daily habit. It's that simple!

Everyday Tips

Munch on whole foods like fruit and unsalted nuts. You'll fill up on fewer calories!

3.Soft drinks. Worse thing you can consume. Just think of them as sugar, artificial flavoring, and coloring. Where are the benefits? Got Milk? ...Or a better one: Yogurt. It's rich in protein, containing probiotics, and delicious too!

4.FAST food. Think of fast food as not eating it at all. It only leads to heart disease and a bad colon. Why not take your own lunchbox to work. If you want to wake up in the morning with a smile, the smile will come from the home cooked meal you had from the night before. Eating right should always be delicious, especially from your own lunchbox!

5.Sugar and Bread. Hhmmm...Have you ever saw those commercials that tell you how much sugar is in those energy drinks? Should I say more? And bread, white bread is not good for you. Think about it, when you go to the grocery store, there are many different types of bread to choose from. They did that to give you a better option!

6.Water. Personal story. More and more people are beginning to run these days. Mornings or evenings, you are guaranteed to see a couple of people on the sidewalks getting into shape. I know that no one likes to drink tap water, so get a Sam's Club membership and go get a 30pk of bottled water for $4. Why not save money instead of buying from the neighborhood store.

7.Vitamins. Lets be real. For those vitamin takers out there, we all feel good when we take one and actually see a difference, right? Just knowing that we are doing something that will benefit our bodies is the greatest feeling ever!

8.Make it known. Let anybody and everybody know what you are doing to help yourself out. Wouldn't it feel good to hear people saying, "how did you do it?"

9.Keep a scale. Don't use the analog scales as they are inaccurate. Use digital scales so you will know exactly what you weigh. And when you do weigh yourself, make sure you are on a hard surface.

10.Friendly helper. How about bringing your best friend into the picture. You will most likely need support and motivation.

11.Antioxidants. Antioxidants are truly nature's little miracles! They truly do fight aging and disease like nothing else. Glutathione is the most Powerful Anti-aging Antioxidant! Often referred to as the master antioxidant! Glutathione is over 5,000 times STRONGER than any other antioxidant! You can learn more about the process here.

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