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Drop A Size - Weight loss

Why drop a size? A WOMAN'S SIZE just might be the most important thing in a woman's life. To put it simple, if she is big she will want to lose that extra weight. If she's thin - she will probably be the most happiest woman in the world. How about we all make it important to drop a size.

Do you Want to be Happy? To be happy is to live with minimum to no worries. Would you agree? When women usually drop-a-size, that brings happiness very quickly. It also brings fitness to your world.

DROP A JEAN SIZE by Jennifer Jolan

Here's how to drop a size fast. How fast? Within a WEEK. Does this have anything to do with long workouts and idiotic diets? NO.

1. Vacuum in your belly HUH? No, it has nothing to do with vacuuming. It's a term for sucking in your belly and holding it for as long as possible. When you do this, it looks like your belly sorta disappears ... like dirt in a vacuum.

The beauty in this exercise is that it focus on isometric tension as opposed to the normal concentric fitness you get from such things as crunches and situps.

Isometric tension, in this regard, is more powerful and the time under tension (TUT) is way longer. This adds up to quicker results. So go ahead and try it right now. Stand up and suck in your belly as much as you can. Wait, before I continue, make sure the sucking in focuses on the lower abdominals and not your upper abdominals.

Try and hold this for as long as you can. Anything more than 15 seconds is fine.

Basically, I want you to do these whenever you have a spare 15-30 seconds. Aim for a goal of 5 minutes a day doing these. If you can manage to do that and do it consistently each day, you are almost guaranteed of losing a couple inches in 4 weeks.

2. Do incline walking 5 days a week for 25 minutes each time to build strength and physique.

For women, it doesn't get much better than this exercise for fat loss. You only need to incline a treadmill to 20 degrees and walk on this 1 time to see how much more effective this is for weight loss over normal walking on a flat surface. If the next day have sore ankles (it happens to some), then lower the incline to 10-15 degrees.

Weight loss is pretty dramatic from this type of walking! In fact, you can realistically drop a jean size in a week doing just these 2 exercises as outline above.


1. Health injuries are made worse whenever your heel strikes the ground. "It acts like a brake, slowing you and creating stress," says Rick Fishell, a running coach at Athletes' Performance in Carson, California. To prevent this, pull your toes up toward your shins as soon as they leave the ground, and aim to land on the balls of your feet.

2. Hips The correct stride length is shorter than you may think. Your feet should land beneath your hips, says Fishell. Any longer and you're "reaching," which adds destructive force. Strong glutes (butt muscles) will pull your legs back under your hips as your feet hit the ground and safely propel you forward. To read the rest on this topic, Visit our Mens Health Pages.

*To avoid sorness and injury, people who visit drop a size and want to increase physical activity should always start out slowly and build up to give the body time to adjust*

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