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Calorie counters and calculators can go a long way. In fact, everyday-life-diets recommends these gadgets for anyone trying to lose weight. They help you track your meals quickly, easily, and effectively. They pose as a life-long friend while monitoring your daily intake of calories.

We think it is really important for you to buy your own calorie calculator so that you will have access to it at any time of the day. We could easily put one on this page, but we think it will be more helpful for you to have one next to you everywhere you go.

Research shows that you could be underestimating your calorie intake by 10% or more.

Product Listed calories per serving
Calories based on actual weight of serving size
Back to Nature Granola 200 270
Bear Naked Granola 140 163
Cheerios (without milk) 100 103
Doritos 150 156
Entenmann's Chocolate Glazed Mini Donuts 150 171
Entenmann's Marble Cake 280 301
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars Strawberry 130 137
Hostess Cupcakes 180 186
Oreos 160 162
SunChips Garden Salsa Flavor 140 152
Wonder Classic White Bread 60 65

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