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And The Biggest Problem is MOTIVATION!

Welcome to the first day of your everyday diet! The first day of your everyday diet will be the easiest day of your entire dieting plan.

No matter what your goals are in life, the first day of anything will be your easiest. This is because we don't know what to expect, so we begin by giving it all we have.

Everyday after your first day will be quite different. This is when motivation begins to kick in. From this point forward, we know what to expect. And the opposite of motivation is doubt.

So which one will you let win?

Motivation or Doubt?

At Everyday-life-diets, we strive on making that sentence sound like this: Your everyday diet plan will be simple but life-long, honest and trustworthy, and happy to help!



Studies show that gardening is the perfect way to burn calories, exercise, and improve overall wellness!

Are You On the List? Excuses for Not Sticking to your Everyday Diet

  • I'm not losing any weight. HELP!
  • I have kids. It's too late to make a change
  • Temptation
  • There's no one here to motivate me
  • Cost of nutritious food is expensive
  • This can't be the right diet for me

Everyday Diet - Food Tips

Everyday Life Diets
  • Use fats and oils sparingly. And use the ones lowest in saturated fat and chsolesterol for cooking, baking and in spreads.
  • Use hydrogenated shortenings sparingly. And choose those made from vegetable fat such as corn oil or canola oil.
  • They're lower in saturated fat than those made from animal- or vegetable-fat blends.Use reduced-fat or no-fat salad dressings with salads, for dips or as a marinade.
  • Use cooking styles that add little or no fat to food, and request foods cooked that way when you eat out.
  • Remember to count the "hidden fat" in bakery and snack foods as well as the fats used in cooking and on vegetables and breads. Read food labels.
  • Remember that coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil are high in saturated fat, even though they're vegetable oils and have no cholesterol.
  • Read food labels carefully.

No matter what anyone else says, your overall well being will significantly improve if you follow a specific diet (that benefits your needs) in the way that it is meant to be followed.

Outside the Box

The more healthier foods in the supermarket will be found close to the walls. Produce, meats, dairy, and seafood will surround everything else in the market. The Inner circle is composed of mostly processed foods. So don't get sucked in!

Choose an everyday diet; it all starts with everyday-life-diets.com.


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